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Plantern Features | Plantern User Manual

No more messy email threads. Post messages to the task instead.

Instead of scattering emails all over the place, use Plantern to keep all the discussions about a project or task in one centralized location.

Also you can post document and files to the task directly. No more email attachments.

Schedule project events.

Keep track of whatís due, when itís due, and whoís responsible for getting it done.

The calendar is great for scheduling project phases, due dates, and deliverables. See everything thatís coming up on your calendar.

Track every hour you spend.

Know exactly how much time you've spent on a task or an entire project. You can filter time reports by team member.

You get all kinds of graphical reports right on the projectís page.

All your project files in one place.

You can upload and share any kind of file with Plantern.

Plantern can even send an email notification to other people on the project when a new file has been uploaded.

And it doesnít forget to make a pause when needed!

Good project management can not conist only of work. Your staff member need to have a rest as well. Plantern allows you to plan dinner breaks, days off, unavailabilities, meetings.

Do not forget to have a rest!